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August 2019

We love seeing the neighborhood enjoy this community table!

Families come from near and far to enjoy the Rib Cage. This family made the stop for a tasty meal on their way to a NASA Conference.

Cleveland Indian’s Loyal Fans!

All ages find something special about the Rib Cage!

Owner Rob Hill, Smokin’ up some ‘Dolla-Dawgs’ for our Special Promotion during Cleveland’s Brown’s Town Games on the patio grill while the Smoker’s doin’ the rest of the work on the Brisket, Pulled Chicken & Pulled Pork.

District Manager, Brandon Hill has his patio grill going at the Height’s Cage for the Special ‘Dolla-Dawg’ Promotion during our Browns Games!

Collaborative Team Meeting with Marketing Specialist, Jennifer Lopez, Owner: Rob Hill, District Manager: Brandon Hill, and West 25th Ohio City Manager: Davidione Pearl

Meet some of our Culinary Team with Owner: Rob Hill, opening for the day- (Left to Right): Michael Gaines, Rob Hill, Michael Caldwell and Aaron Agee.


July 2019


Our Thanksgiving Day Drawing WINNER: Kate Stupecki went home happy!

Her take-away: $$$$$$$!

She came AMAZINGLY close to the correct amount of pennies in our penny bar.

Her guess: Nine Thousand Four Hundred.

Actual Amount: Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seven!

We are not kidding!




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